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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Mar-2022A Comparative Study of the Efficacy of an Intervention with a Nutritional Supplement for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Randomized Trial.Castro Barquero, Sara; Arias-Guillén, Marta; Pi Oriol, Sofia; Sacanella Meseguer, Emilio; Romano Andrioni, Bárbara; Vidal Lletjós, Sandra; Ruiz León, Ana María; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Casas Rodríguez, Rosa M.
25-Apr-2022Comment on Yeste et al.: Polyphenols and IUGR Pregnancies: Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Hydroxytyrosol Affect the Development and Neurotransmitter Profile of the Hippocampus in a Pig ModelGarrabou Tornos, Glòria; Hernández, Ana Sandra; Guitart Mampel, Mariona; Escalada Casellas, Elena; Malats Revelles, Gemma; Castro Barquero, Sara; Ruiz León, Ana María; Vellvé, Kilian; Casas Rodríguez, Rosa M.; Cardellach, Francesc; Crispi Brillas, Fàtima; García-García, Francesc Josep
1-Oct-2020Dietary Strategies for Metabolic Syndrome: A Comprehensive ReviewCastro Barquero, Sara; Ruiz León, Ana María; Sierra Pérez, Maria; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Casas Rodríguez, Rosa M.
1-Jun-2020Reformulation of Pastry Products to Improve Effects on HealthEstruch Riba, Ramon; Vendrell, Eulalia; Ruiz León, Ana María; Casas Rodríguez, Rosa M.; Castro Barquero, Sara; Alvarez, Xavier
12-May-2021Reliability and Concurrent and Construct Validity of a Food Frequency Questionnaire for Pregnant Women at High Risk to Develop Fetal Growth RestrictionJuton, Charlotte; Castro Barquero, Sara; Casas Rodríguez, Rosa M.; Freitas Simoes, Tania M.; Ruiz León, Ana María; Crovetto, Francesca; Doménech, Mónica; Crispi Brillas, Fàtima; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Gratacós Solsona, Eduard; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Schröder, Helmut, 1958-