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28-Feb-2019Clinical significance of long non-coding RNA HOTTIP in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancerNavarro Ponz, Alfons; Moisés, Jorge; Santasusagna, Sandra; Marrades Sicart, Ramon Ma.; Viñolas Segarra, Núria; Castellano, Joan Josep; Canals, Jordi; Muñoz García, Carmen; Ramirez, José; Molins López-Rodó, Laureano; Monzó Planella, Mariano
Jan-2015Differential MIR-21 expression in plasma from mesenteric versus peripheral veins: an observational study of disease-free survival in surgically resected colon cancer patients.Monzó Planella, Mariano; Martínez Rodenas, Francisco; Moreno, Isabel; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Santasusagna, Sandra; Macias, Ismael; Muñoz García, Carmen; Tejero Villalba, Rut; Hernández, Raquel
10-Mar-2017Exosomal microRNAs isolated from plasma of mesenteric veins linked to liver metastases in resected patients with colon cancerMonzó Planella, Mariano; Santasusagna, Sandra; Moreno, Isabel; Martinez, Francisco; Hernández, Raquel; Muñoz, Carmen; Castellano, Joan Josep; Moreno, Josep; Navarro Ponz, Alfons
8-Jul-2014miR-141 and miR-200c as markers of overall survival in early stage non-small cell lung cancer adenocarcinomaTejero Villalba, Rut; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Campayo Guillaumes, Marc; Viñolas Segarra, Núria; Marrades Sicart, Ramon Ma.; Cordeiro Santanach, Anna; Ruíz Martínez, Marc; Santasusagna, Sandra; Molins López-Rodó, Laureano; Ramírez Ruz, J. (José); Monzó Planella, Mariano
2-Nov-2018miR-21, miR-99b and miR-375 combination as predictive response signature for preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer.Campayo Guillaumes, Marc; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Benítez, José Carlos; Santasusagna, Sandra; Ferrer, Came; Monzó Planella, Mariano; Cirera, Lluís
13-Dec-2017NKX2-1 expression as a prognostic marker in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancerMoisés, Jorge; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Santasusagna, Sandra; Viñolas Segarra, Núria; Molins López-Rodó, Laureano; Ramirez, José; Osorio, Jeisson; Saco, Adela; Castellano, Joan Josep; Muñoz García, Carmen; Morales, Sara; Monzó Planella, Mariano; Marrades Sicart, Ramon Ma.
6-Jun-2016YKT6 expression, exosome release, and survival in non-small cell lung cancerRuíz Martínez, Marc; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Marrades Sicart, Ramon Ma.; Viñolas Segarra, Núria; Santasusagna, Sandra; Muñoz García, Carmen; Ramírez Ruz, J. (José); Molins López-Rodó, Laureano; Monzó Planella, Mariano