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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2019Development and psychometric properties of the 'Suicidality: Treatment Occurring in Paediatrics (STOP) Risk and Resilience Factors Scales' in adolescentsRodríguez Quiroga, A.; Flamarique, I.; Castro Fornieles, Josefina; Lievesley, K.; Buitelaar, Jan K.; Coghill, D.; Díaz Caneja, Covadonga M.; Dittmann, R.W.; Gupta, A.; Hoekstra, P. J.; Kehrmann, L.; Llorente, C.; Purper-Ouakil, D.; Schulze, U. M. E.; Zuddas, A.; Sala, R.; Singh, Jaspreet; Fiori, F.; Arango, Celso; Santosh, Paramala; STOP Consortium
30-Apr-2020Executive functioning and emotion recognition in youth with oppositional defiant disorder and/or conduct disorderDeters, Renee Kleine; Naaijen, Jilly; Rosa Justicia, Mireia; Aggensteiner, Pascal M.; Banaschewski, Tobias; Saam, Melanie C.; Schulze, Ulrike M. E.; Sethi, Arjun; Craig, Michael C.; Sagar Ouriaghli, Ilyas; Santosh, Paramala; Castro Fornieles, Josefina; Penzol, María J.; Arango, Celso; Werhahn, Julia E.; Brandeis, Daniel; Franke, Bárbara; Glennon, Jeffrey; Buitelaar, Jan K.; Hoekstra, Pieter J.; Dietrich, Andrea
25-Jan-2020Psychosocial risk factors for suicidality in children and adolescentsCarballo, J.J.; Llorente, C.; Kehrmann, L.; Flamarique, Itziar; Zuddas, A.; Purper Ouakil, D.; Hoekstra, P.J.; Coghill, D.; Schulze, U.M.E.; Dittmann, R.W.; Buitelaar, Jan K.; Castro Fornieles, Josefina; Lievesley, K.; Santosh, Paramala; Arango, Celso; STOP Consortium