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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2015Análisis de Contenido de las Interacciones Online de las Adolescentes, ¿Lenguaje del Deseo o de la Ética?Schubert, Tinka Tabea; Valls, Rosa
Mar-2018Beyond the walls: The social reintegration of prisoners through the dialogic reading of classic universal literature in prisonÁlvarez Cifuentes, Pilar; García Carrión, Rocío; Puigvert, Lídia; Pulido, Cristina; Schubert, Tinka Tabea
Jun-2017Learning and inclusivity via Interactive Groups in early childhood education and care in the Hope school, SpainAubert, Adriana; Molina Roldán, Silvia; Schubert, Tinka Tabea; Vidu Afloarei, Ana
2018Preventing violent radicalization of youth through dialogic evidence-based policiesAiello, Emilia; Puigvert, Lídia; Schubert, Tinka Tabea
10-Sep-2015Universities free of Gender Violence. Communicative acts among the university community that overcome gender violence in Spanish universitiesSchubert, Tinka Tabea