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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022An application of deep learning for exchange rate forecastingClavería González, Óscar; Monte Moreno, Enric; Sorić, Petar; Torra Porras, Salvador
2022Density forecasts of inflation using Gaussian process regression modelsSorić, Petar; Monte Moreno, Enric; Torra Porras, Salvador; Clavería González, Óscar
2020Economic determinants of employment sentiment: A socio-demographic analysis for the euro areaClavería González, Óscar; Lolic, Ivana; Monte Moreno, Enric; Torra Porras, Salvador; Sorić, Petar
2023Economic uncertainty and suicide mortality in post-pandemic EnglandSorić, Maša; Sorić, Petar; Clavería González, Óscar
2021Employment uncertainty a year after the irruption of the covid-19 pandemicSorić, Petar; Clavería González, Óscar
2023Income inequality and redistribution in Scandinavian countriesClavería González, Óscar; Sorić, Petar
Mar-2023Labour market uncertainty after the irruption of COVID-19Clavería González, Óscar; Sorić, Petar
Oct-2019Unemployment expectations: A socio-demographic analysis of the effect of newsSorić, Petar; Lolic, Ivana; Clavería González, Óscar; Monte Moreno, Enric; Torra Porras, Salvador