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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Amorphous silicon thin film solar cells deposited entirely by Hot-Wire Chemical Vapour Deposition at low temperature (<150 ºC)Villar, Fernando; Antony, Aldrin; Escarré i Palou, Jordi; Ibarz, D.; Roldán Molinero, Rubén; Stella, Marco; Muñoz Ramos, David; Asensi López, José Miguel; Bertomeu i Balagueró, Joan
11-Jun-2007Nanocrystalline silicon thin films on PEN substratesVillar, Fernando; Escarré i Palou, Jordi; Antony, Aldrin; Stella, Marco; Rojas Tarazona, Fredy E.; Asensi López, José Miguel; Bertomeu i Balagueró, Joan; Andreu i Batallé, Jordi
2009Optoelectronic properties of CuPc thin films deposited at different substrate temperaturesDella Pirriera, M.; Puigdollers i González, Joaquim; Voz Sánchez, Cristóbal; Stella, Marco; Bertomeu i Balagueró, Joan; Alcubilla González, Ramón
12-Mar-2010Study of Organic Semiconductors for Device ApplicationsStella, Marco