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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2021Hydroclimate variability during the last 2700 years based on stalagmite multi-proxy records in the central-western MediterraneanCisneros Bermejo, Mercè; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel; Moreno, Ana; Stoll, Heather; Torner Perez, Judit; Català, Albert; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Cheng, Hai; Fornós, Joan J. (Joan Josep)
Jul-2023Last deglacial reorganization of the western Mediterranean thermohaline circulation: evidences from sedimentological and Nd isotopes proxiesFrigola Ferrer, Jaime I.; Pena González, Leopoldo David; Campderrós Serra, Sara; Català, Albert; De la Fuente, María; Garcia Solsona, Ester; Martin, C.; Merchán, A.; Paredes, Eduardo; Selvaggi, M.; Torner Perez, Judit; Trias Navarro, Sergio; Margaritelli, Giulia; Pérez-Asensio, José N. (José Noel); Lirer, Fabrizio; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel
Jul-2023MAGY project: MAllorca hydroloGY over the last few centuries. Instrumental validation of speleothem archivesTorner Perez, Judit; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel; Català, Albert; Cisneros Bermejo, Mercè; Fornós, Joan J. (Joan Josep); Moreno, A.; Bladé, Ileana; Cheng, Hai; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Stoll, Heather
Sep-2023New Mediterranean speleothem records for glacial Terminations IV and IIITorner Perez, Judit; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel; Stoll, Heather; Moreno Caballud, Ana; Cheng, Hai; Edwards, R. Lawrence
24-Jul-2020Paleoclimatic reconstruction of past interglacial periods and their transitions in the Iberian Peninsula and its surrounding seasTorner Perez, Judit