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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A new methodology to characterise the radar bright band using doppler spectral moments from vertically pointing radar observationsGarcia Benadi, Albert; Bech, Joan; Gonzalez, Sergi; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Codina, Bernat
Jun-2018Análisis de dispersión de contaminantes emitidos por motores que utilizan petróleo crudo como combustibleZambrano Chávez, Milly Elizabeth
1-May-2019Decoupling between precipitation processes and mountain wave induced circulations observed with a vertically pointing K-Band Doppler radarGonzalez, Sergi; Bech, Joan; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Codina, Bernat; Paci, Alexandre; Trapero i Bagué, Laura
2021Fonts potencials d'ozó troposfèric a CatalunyaGili Ciurana, Jordina
Jun-2017Impacte dels parcs eòlics a la mesoescala: estudi de la parametrització de turbines del model WRF-ARWRamon Gamon, Jaume
9-Nov-2017Land Use and Topography Influence in a Complex Terrain Area: A High Resolution Mesoscale Modelling Study over the Eastern Pyrenees using the WRF ModelJiménez Esteve, Bernat; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Soler i Duffour, M. Rosa; Pepin, Nick C.; Miró Cubells, Josep Ramon
10-Dec-2015Modeling the atmospheric boundary layer in stably stratified conditions and over complex terrain areas: from mesoscale to LESUdina Sistach, Mireia
2022Multiple Characteristics of Precipitation Inferred from Wind Profiler Radar Doppler SpectraGarcia Benadi, Albert; Bech, Joan; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Campistron, Bernard; Paci, Alexandre
Jun-2022Observational and modelling analysis of pollutant concentrations and meteorological factors in Andorra: A thermal inversion case studySarasua Etxeberria, Mikel
3-Jul-2014Observational and Numerical Simulation Study of a Sequence of Eight Atmospheric Density Currents in Northern SpainSoler i Duffour, M. Rosa; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Ferreres, E.
Dec-2020Ozone episodes in Catalonia during the summer of 2019. A meteorological and photochemical modeling analysisJaen Flo, Clara
2022Performance Assessment of GPM IMERG Products at Different Time Resolutions, Climatic Areas and Topographic Conditions in CataloniaPeinó, Eric; Bech, Joan; Udina Sistach, Mireia
23-Feb-2017Phenomenology of high-ozone episodes in NE SpainQuerol Carceller, Xavier; Alastuey, Andrés; Minguillón Bengochea, María Cruz; Amato, Fulvio; Reche, Cristina; Viana Rodríguez, María del Mar; Moreno, Teresa; Karanasiou, Angeliki; Rivas, Ioar; Pérez, Noemí; Ripoll Roca, Anna; Brines Pérez, Mariola; Lee, Hong-Ku; Eun, Hee-Ram; Park, Yong-Hee; Escudero, Miguel; Beddows, David C. S.; Harrison, Roy M.; Bertrand, Amelie; Soler, María R.; Marchand, Nicolas; Lyasota, Andrei; Codina, Bernat; Soler i Duffour, M. Rosa; Olid García, Miriam; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Jiménez Esteve, Bernat; Millán, Millán; Ahn, Kang-Ho; Gangoiti, Gotzon; Mantilla, Enrique; Ealo, Marina; Pandolfi, Marco; Alonso, Lucio
May-2022Pollutant Concentration Changes During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Barcelona and Surrounding Regions: Modification of Diurnal Cycles and Limited Role of Meteorological ConditionsGarcía Dalmau, Miguel; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Bech, Joan; Sola Salvatierra, Yolanda; Montolio, Joan; Jaén, Clara
1-Dec-2020Precipitation Type Classification of Micro Rain Radar Data Using an Improved Doppler Spectral Processing MethodologyGarcia Benadi, Albert; Bech, Joan; Gonzalez, Sergi; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Codina, Bernat; Georgis, Jean-Francois
Dec-2020Urban daytime boundary layer height determination and its relationship with high pollutant concentrations in BarcelonaGarcía Dalmau, Miguel
2021Vertical structure and microphysical observations of winter precipitation in an inner valley during the Cerdanya-2017 field campaignGonzalez, Sergi; Bech, Joan; García-Benadí, Albert; Udina Sistach, Mireia; Codina, Bernat; Trapero i Bagué, Laura; Paci, Alexandre; Georgis, Jean-Francois
24-Oct-2020WRF-LES Simulation of the Boundary Layer Turbulent Processes during the BLLAST CampaignUdina Sistach, Mireia; Montornès Torrecillas, Àlex; Casso, Pau; Kosović, Branko; Bech, Joan