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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2014Analysis of volatile thiols in alcoholic beverages by simultaneous derivatization/extraction and liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometryVichi, S. (Stefania); Cortés Francisco, Nuria; Caixach Gamisans, Josep
2016Authentication of Iberian dry-cured ham: New approaches by polymorphic fingerprint and ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometryBayés-García, Laura; Tres, A.; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Cuevas Diarte, Miguel Ángel; Codony Salcedo, Rafael; Boatella, J.; Caixach Gamisans, Josep; Ueno, S.; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
22-May-2020Bio-Protection as an Alternative to Sulphites: Impact on Chemical and Microbial Characteristics of Red WinesSimonin, Scott; Roullier-Gall, Chloé; Ballester, Jordi; Schmitt-Kopplin, Philippe; Quintanilla-Casas, Beatriz; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Peyron, Dominique; Alexandre, Hervé; Tourdot Maréchale, Raphaëlle
Jan-2019Catalan virgin olive oil Protected Designations of Origin: physicochemical and major sensory attributesVichi, S. (Stefania); Tres Oliver, Alba; Quintanilla-Casas, Beatriz; Bustamante Alonso, Julen; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc; Martí, Esteve; Hermoso, Juan F.; Ninot, Antònia; Romero, Agustí
5-Jun-2020Chemical Markers to Distinguish the Homo- And Heterozygous Bitter Genotype in Sweet Almond KernelsVichi, S. (Stefania); Mayer, Morgana N.; León-Cárdenas, María G.; Quintanilla-Casas, Beatriz; Tres Oliver, Alba; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc; Batlle, Ignasi; Romero, Agustí
15-Jan-2021Composition and Nutritional Value of Acid Oils and Fatty Acid Distillates Used in Animal FeedingVarona, Elisa; Tres Oliver, Alba; Rafecas Martínez, Magdalena; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Barroeta, A.C.; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
2-Jun-2020Determination and Comparison of the Lipid Profile and Sodium Content of Gluten-Free and Gluten-Containing Breads from the Spanish MarketTres Oliver, Alba; Tarnovska, Natalia; Varona, Elisa; Quintanilla-Casas, Beatriz; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Gibert, Anna; Vilchez, Elisenda; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
25-Sep-2013Determination of lipophilic marine toxins in mussels. Quantificationand confirmation criteria using high resolution mass spectrometryDomènech, Albert; Cortés Francisco, Nuria; Palacios Bonilla, Òscar; Franco, José M.; Riobó, Pilar; Llerena, José J.; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Caixach Gamisans, Josep
1-Apr-2022Development of innovative analytical strategies for olive oil quality and authenticity assessmentQuintanilla-Casas, Beatriz
20-Sep-2021Different Wines from Different Yeasts? 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae Intraspecies Differentiation by Metabolomic Signature and Sensory Patterns in Wine'Bordet, Fanny; Roullier-Gall, Chloé; Ballester, Jordi; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Quintanilla-Casas, Beatriz; Gougeon, Régis D.; Julien-Ortiz, Anne; Schmitt-Kopplin, Philippe; Alexandre, Hervé
Mar-2015Direct chemical profiling of olive (Olea europaea) fruit epicuticular waxes by direct electrospray-ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometryVichi, S. (Stefania); Cortés Francisco, Nuria; Romero, Agustí; Caixach Gamisans, Josep
Jun-2019Efecte dels processos culinaris sobre els compostos bioactius de l’oli d’olivaMurlà Fernández, Sílvia
6-Jan-2023Effect of Feeding Acid Oils on European Seabass Fillet Lipid Composition, Oxidative Stability, Color, and Sensory AcceptanceAlbendea, Paula; Tres Oliver, Alba; Rafecas Martínez, Magdalena; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Sala, Roser; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
1-Apr-2023Effect of feeding olive pomace acid oil on dark chicken meat lipid composition, oxidative stability, color, and sensory acceptanceAlbendea, Paula; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc; Rafecas Martínez, Magdalena; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Barroeta, A.C.; Verdú, M.; Tres Oliver, Alba
14-Jun-2023Effect of feeding olive pomace acid oil on pork lipid composition, oxidative stability, colour, and sensory acceptanceAlbendea Pérez, Paula; Tres Oliver, Alba; Rafecas Martínez, Magdalena; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Solà Oriol, David; Verdú, M.; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
9-Jul-2022Effect of freezing, fast-freezing by liquid nitrogen or refrigeration to preserve premium extra virgin olive oil during storageDíez Betriu, Anna; Romero Aroca, Agustí J.; Ninot, Antònia; Tres Oliver, Alba; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
3-Jan-2023Effect of the Storage Conditions and Freezing Speed on the Color and Chlorophyll Profile of Premium Extra Virgin Olive OilsDíez Betriu, Anna; Bustamante Alonso, Julen; Romero Aroca, Agustí J.; Ninot, Antònia; Tres Oliver, Alba; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc
27-Jul-2016Epicuticular Wax in Developing Olives (Olea europaea) Is Highly Dependent upon Cultivar and Fruit RipenessVichi, S. (Stefania); Cortés Francisco, Nuria; Caixach Gamisans, Josep; Barrios, Gonçal; Mateu, Jordi; Ninot, Antònia; Romero, Agustí
2017Evolution of endogenous enzyme activities and virgin olive oil characteristics during Chétoui and Chemlali olive ripeningHachicha Hbaieb, Rim; Kotti, Faten; Vichi, S. (Stefania); Gargouri, Mohamed
26-Apr-2022Geographical authentication of virgin olive oil by GC-MS sesquiterpene hydrocarbon fingerprint: Scaling down to the verification of PDO complianceQuintanilla-Casas, Beatriz; Torres-Cobos, Berta; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc; Romero, Agustí; Tres Oliver, Alba; Vichi, S. (Stefania)