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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Nov-2011BadiRate SoftwareLibrado Sanz, Pablo; Vieira, Filipe G.; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
2012BadiRate: estimating family turnover rates by likelihood-based methodsLibrado Sanz, Pablo; Vieira, Filipe G.; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
2007Comparative genomic analysis of the odorant-binding protein family in 12 Drosophila genomes: purifying selection and birth-and-death evolutionVieira, Filipe G.; Sánchez-Gracia, Alejandro; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
28-Apr-2011Comparative genomics of the odorant-binding and chemosensory protein gene families across the arthropoda: origin and evolutionary history of the chemosensory systemVieira, Filipe G.; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
2010Genome sequence of the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisumRozas Liras, Julio A.; Vieira, Filipe G.; International Aphid Genomics Consortium
2014Mycobacterial Phylogenomics: An Enhanced Method for Gene Turnover Analysis Reveals Uneven Levels of Gene Gain and Loss among Species and Gene FamiliesLibrado Sanz, Pablo; Vieira, Filipe G.; Sánchez-Gracia, Alejandro; Kolokotronis, S. O.; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
Aug-2012Unique features of odorant-binding proteins of the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis revealed by genome annotation and comparative analysesVieira, Filipe G.; Fôret, Sylvain; He, Xiaoli; Rozas Liras, Julio A.; Field, Linda M.; Zhou, Jing-Jiang