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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2017COMT and DRD2/ANKK-1 gene-gene interaction account for resetting of gamma neural oscillations to auditory stimulus-driven attentionGarcía-García, Manuel (Manuel Antonio); Via i García, Marc; Zarnowiec, Katarzyna; San Miguel Insua, Iria; Escera i Micó, Carles; Clemente, Immaculada
2015Deviance-related responses along the auditory hierarchy: combined FFR, MLR and MMN evidenceShiga, Tetsuya; Althen, Heike Corinna; Cornella, Miriam; Zarnowiec, Katarzyna; Yabe, Hirooki; Escera i Micó, Carles
19-Oct-2016Involvement of the Serotonin Transporter Gene in Accurate Subcortical Speech EncodingSelinger, Lenka; Zarnowiec, Katarzyna; Via i García, Marc; Clemente, Immaculada; Escera i Micó, Carles
17-Nov-2016Timing predictability enhances regularity encoding in the human subcortical auditory pathwayGorina Careta, Natàlia; Zarnowiec, Katarzyna; Costa Faidella, Jordi; Escera i Micó, Carles