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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2024Genetic variability of minnows and loaches in rivers and high mountain lakes from the Pyrenees and Italian AlpsSuh, Jongmo
26-Feb-2024Biological mechanisms underlying psychosocial stress response: The consequences of prenatal maternal distress and childhood maltreatment on the endocrine and immune systemsCastro Quintas, Águeda
6-Feb-2024The role of non-native fish on littoral macroinvertebrates of Pyrenean high mountain lakesOsorio Álvarez, Victor
19-Dec-2023Effects of dam decommissioning on carbon cycling in reservoirs. Case study of the Enobieta Reservoir, N Iberian PeninsulaMabano, Amani
2-Nov-2023Testing the hypothesis of adaptive radiation and its eco-phenotypic implicationsBellvert Bantí, Adrià
13-Nov-2023Systematics of Nearctic and Neotropical Oak Gall Wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini), with a focus on specific genera in the fauna of MexicoCuesta Porta, Victor
13-Nov-2023Invasiones biológicas en ambientes marinos tropicales: El caso del pez león (Pterois volitans)Sanjuan Muñoz, Adolfo
18-Oct-2023Patrones de comportamiento y perfiles de personalidad en el delfín mular (Tursiops truncatus), y su utilidad como herramienta de manejo en cautividadQuirós Garzón, Carolina
20-Oct-2023Feasibility of organic rice cultivation in the Ebro DeltaPalma Guillén, Alfred
24-Oct-2023Dugong-Seagrass Interactions in the Arabian Peninsula: Dugong Feeding Grounds as a Conservation Management UnitKhamis, Abdulqader
15-Sep-2023Root traits and stable isotopes as phenotyping approaches to enhance wheat adaptation to Mediterranean conditionsRezzouk, Fatima Zahra
14-Sep-2023Multi-sensor remote sensing detection of biotic stress for crop phenotyping and management guidanceHamdane, Yassine
22-Sep-2023Diet composition and habitat use in red deer (Cervus elaphus) populations in the northeastern iberian peninsula: relations with phenotypic plasticity in dental roots, group ethology and stress hormonesGort Esteve, Araceli
15-Sep-2023Population Models: Flexibility, Advances, and Applications to Wildlife Conservation. The Bonelli’s Eagle as a Study CaseBadia Boher, Jaume Adrià
26-Jul-2023Analysis of the impact of synaptic plasticity genes and Human Accelerated Regions on brain function and structure: from the healthy brain to schizophreniaGuardiola Ripoll, Maria
26-Jun-2023Impacto de la pesca y ecología trófica de los tiburones de talla media y grande en el MediterráneoNuez Rodriguez, Ignasi
12-May-2023Ecología bentónica antártica en un planeta medioambientalmente cambiante, estudio de algunas esponjas y moluscosDe Castro-Fernández, Paula
19-Apr-2023Limnology of Tropical Mountain Lakes: Analysis of the hydromorphological, physical and biogeochemical variability of the Cajas Massif lake districtMosquera Vintimilla, Pablo
10-Mar-2023New contributions to the ecology of gelatinous zooplankton in the Western Mediterranean: abundance, distribution and diversityPastor Prieto, Marina
21-Mar-2023Tracking historical changes in the trophic ecology of the green turtle "Chelonia mydas" in the Hawaiian IslandsVelasquez Vacca, Adriana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 174