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Title: Spectral analysis of the luteinizing hormone in the blood samples
Author: Liutsko, Liudmila
Contributor: Ríos Alcolea, Martín
Keywords: Progesterona
Mètodes estadístics
Diplomes d'Estudis Avançats (Memòria)
Statistical methods
Master of Advanced Studies
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Abstract: Generally, medicine books are concentrated almost exclusively in explaining methodology that analyzes fixed measures, measures done in a certain moment, nevertheless the evolution of the measurement and correct interpretation of the missed values are very important and sometimes can give the key information of the results obtained. Thus, the analysis of the temporary series and spectral analysis or analysis of the time series in the dominion of frequencies can be regarded as an appropriate tool for this kind of studies. In this work the frequency of the pulsating secretion of luteinizing hormone LH (that regulates the fertile life of women) were analyzed in order to determine the existence of the significant frequencies obtained by analysis of Fourier. Detection of the frequencies, with which the pulsating secretion of the LH takes place, is a quite difficult question due to presence of the random errors in measures and samplings, i.e. that pulsating secretions of small amplitude are not detected and disregarded. In physiology it is accepted that cyclical patterns in the secretion of the LH exist and in the results of this research confirm this pattern and determine its frequency presented in the corresponded periodograms to each of studied cycle. The obtained results can be used as key pattern for future sampling frequencies in order to ¿catch¿ the significant picks of the luteinizing hormone and reflect on time for productivity treatment of women.
Note: Diploma d'Estudis Avançats - Programa de doctorat en Estadística. 2008. Tutors: Martín Ríos Alcolea
Note: Reproducció digital del document original en format paper
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