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Title: A measure of stability as a criterion for the verification and analysis of simulation models
Author: Monleón Getino, Toni
Ruiz de Villa, Carmen
Ocaña i Rebull, Jordi
Keywords: Simulació per ordinador
Models matemàtics
Mètodes estadístics
Assaigs clínics
Computer simulation
Mathematical models
Statistical methods
Clinical trials
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The aim of this study is to define a new statistic, PVL, based on the relative distance between the likelihood associated with the simulation replications and the likelihood of the conceptual model. Our results coming from several simulation experiments of a clinical trial show that the PVL statistic range can be a good measure of stability to establish when a computational model verifies the underlying conceptual model. PVL improves also the analysis of simulation replications because only one statistic is associated with all the simulation replications. As well it presents several verification scenarios, obtained by altering the simulation model, that show the usefulness of PVL. Further simulation experiments suggest that a 0 to 20 % range may define adequate limits for the verification problem, if considered from the viewpoint of an equivalence test.
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