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Title: Spinning strings in AdS(5) x S^5: New integrable system relations
Author: Arutyunov, G.
Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
Tseytlin, A. A.
Keywords: Teoria de camps (Física)
Física matemàtica
Partícules (Física nuclear)
Field theory (Physics)
Mathematical physics
Particles (Nuclear physics)
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Abstract: A general class of rotating closed string solutions in AdS_5 x S^5 is shown to be described by a Neumann-Rosochatius one-dimensional integrable system. The latter represents an oscillator on a sphere or a hyperboloid with an additional ``centrifugal'' potential. We expect that the reduction of the AdS_5 x S^5 sigma model to the Neumann-Rosochatius system should have further generalizations and should be useful for uncovering new relations between integrable structures on the two sides of the AdS/CFT duality. We find, in particular, new circular rotating string solutions with two AdS_5 and three S^5 spins. As in other recently discussed examples, the leading large-spin correction to the classical energy turns out to be proportional to the square of the string tension or the 't Hooft coupling \lambda, suggesting that it can be matched onto the one-loop anomalous dimensions of the corresponding ``long'' operators on the SYM side of the AdS/CFT duality.
Note: Reproducció digital del document publicat en format paper, proporcionada per PROLA i
It is part of: Physical Review D, 2004, vol. 69, núm. 8, p. 086009-1-086009-18
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ISSN: 0556-2821
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