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dc.contributor.authorÉboli, O. J. P. (Oscar José Pinto)cat
dc.contributor.authorGonzález García, Ma. Concepcióncat
dc.contributor.authorLietti, S.
dc.contributor.authorNovaes, S.
dc.description.abstractWe analyze the potential of the Fermilab Tevatron and CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to study anomalous quartic vector--boson interactions (photon photon Z Z) and (photon photon W+ W-). Working in the framework of SU(2)_L X U(1)_Y chiral Lagrangians, we study the production of photons pairs accompanied by (e+e-), (e nu), and jet pairs to impose bounds on these new couplings, taking into account the unitarity constraints. We compare our findings with the indirect limits coming from precision electroweak measurements as well as with presently available direct searches at LEPII. We show that the Tevatron Run II can provide limits on these quartic limits which are of the same order of magnitude as the existing bounds from LEPII searches. LHC will be able to tighten considerably the direct constraints on these possible new interactions, leading to more stringent limits than the presently available indirect ones.-
dc.publisherThe American Physical Societyeng
dc.relation.isformatofReproducció digital del document publicat en format paper, proporcionada per PROLA i
dc.relation.ispartofPhysical Review D, 2001, vol. 63, núm 7, p. 075008-1-075008-8cat
dc.rights(c) The American Physical Society, 2001eng
dc.sourceArticles publicats en revistes (Física Quàntica i Astrofísica)-
dc.subject.classificationInteraccions febles (Física nuclear)cat
dc.subject.classificationPartícules (Física nuclear)cat
dc.subject.classificationAcceleradors de partículescat
dc.subject.otherWeak interactions (Nuclear physics)eng
dc.subject.otherParticle acceleratorseng
dc.subject.otherParticles (Nuclear physics)eng
dc.titleAnomalous quartic gauge boson couplings at hadron colliderseng
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