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dc.contributor.authorKawakubo, Masayoshi-
dc.contributor.authorMroz, Pawel-
dc.contributor.authorSagristá Gratovil, M. Lluïsa-
dc.contributor.authorMora Giménez, Margarita-
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dc.contributor.authorHamblin, Michael R.-
dc.description.abstractThe effects of the drug delivery system on the PDT activity, localization, and tumor accumulation of the novel photosensitizer temocene (the porphycene analogue of temoporfin or m-tetrahydroxyphenyl chlorin) were investigated against the P815 tumor, both in vitro and in DBA/2 tumor bearing mice. Temocene was administered either free (dissolved in PEG400/EtOH mixture), or encapsulated in Cremophor EL micelles or in DPPC/ DMPG liposomes, chosen as model delivery vehicles. The maximum cell accumulation and photodynamic activity in vitro was achieved with the free photosensitizer, while temocene in Cremophor micelles hardly entered the cells. Notwithstanding, the micellar formulation showed the best in vivo response when used in a vascular regimen (short drug light interval), whereas liposomes were found to be an efficient drug delivery system for a tumor cell targeting strategy (long drug-light interval). PEG/EtOH formulation was discarded for further in vivo experiments as it provoked lethal toxic effects caused by photosensitizer aggregation. These results demonstrate that drug delivery systems modulate the vascular and cellular outcomes of photodynamic treatments with temocene. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.-
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dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Controlled Release, 2012, vol. 162, num. 2, p. 355-363-
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dc.titleCellular and Vascular effects of the photodynamic agent temocene are modulated by the delivery vehicle-
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