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Title: Heterodi- (Fe, Pd/Pt) and heterotrimetallic (Fe2, Pd) complexes derived from 4-(ferrocenylmethyl)-N-(2-methoxyethyl)-3,5-diphenylpyrazole as potential antitumoral agents
Author: Guillén, E.
González Gazulla, Asensio
López Martínez, Ma. Concepción
Basu, P.K.
Ghosh, A.
Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
Calvis, C.
Messeguer i Peypoch, Ramon
Keywords: Compostos metàl·lics
Pal·ladi (Element químic)
Metallic composites
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2015
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Abstract: The study of the reactivity of the pyrazole derivative 1-[MeO-(CH2)2]-3,5-Ph2-4-(CH2Fc) (C3N2) (1, Fc = ferrocenyl) with Na2[PdCl4], Pd(OAc)2, and [MCl2(dmso)2] (M = Pd or Pt,dmso = dimethyl sulfoxide) has allowed us to isolate trans-[Pd{κ-N-(1-{MeO(CH2)2}-3,5-Ph2-4-{CH2Fc} {C3N2})}2Cl2] (2), [Pd{κ2-C,N(1-{MeO(CH2)2}-3-{C6H4}-5-Ph-{C3N2})}{κ-N-(1-{MeO(CH2)2}-3,5-Ph2-4-{CH2Fc} {C3N2})}Cl] (3), [Pd{κ2-C,N(1-{MeO(CH2)2}-3-{C6H4}-4-{CH2Fc}-5-Ph-{C3N2})}Cl-(PPh3)] (4), and the trans (5) and cis (6) isomers of [Pt{κ-N-(1-{MeO(CH2)2}-3,5-Ph24-{CH2Fc} {C3N2})}Cl2(dmso)]. Compound 1 acts as a N (in 2, 5, and 6) or (C,N) donor ligand (in 4) and shows both binding modes in 3. The cytotoxic assessment of 1 6 against MCF7, MDA-MB231 (breast), and HCT-116 (colon) cancer cell lines reveal that (1) 1 is more potent than 1-[MeO(CH2)2]-3,5-Ph2-(C3HN2) (V), (2) 2 6 have cytotoxic activity, (3) 2 and 3 are less active than 4 6, and (4) 6 is the most potent compound against the three cancer cell lines.
Note: Versió postprint del document publicat a:
It is part of: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, vol. 2015, num. 22, p. 3781-3791
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ISSN: 1434-1948
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