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Title: General Terms, Hybrid Theories and Ambiguity: A Discussion of Some Experimental Results
Author: Martí, Genoveva
Keywords: Filosofia del llenguatge
Philosophy of language
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Abstract: In this paper I examine two sets of experimental results about the semantics of general terms, by Genone and Lombrozo (2012) and by Nichols, Pinillos and Mallon (forthcoming). The results of the two experimental studies allegedly reveal significant variations in semantic intuitions among participants as regards the correct application of general terms. However, the two sets of authors propose two entirely different semantic treatments of general terms in order to explain the significance and the impact of those results. Genone and Lombrozo espouse a hybrid semantics whereas Nichols, Pinillos and Mallon are inclined towards an explanation that appeals to ambiguity. I will cast some doubts on the coherence of a hybrid theory and argue in favor of the ambiguity approach. Nevertheless, I will argue that the sort of ambiguitiy Nichols, Pinillos and Mallon postulate is easy to incorporate to (and is in fact already contemplated by) non-descriptivist approaches to the semantics of general, as well as singular, terms.
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It is part of: Capítol 8 del llibre: Jussi Haukioja (ed). 2015. Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Language. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN: 978-1-4742-1981-5. DOI: 10.5040/97814742198152. pp: 157–172
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