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Title: Bacteriophages in bathing wàters: A feasibility study on the development of a method based on bacteriophages for the determination of microbiological quality of bathing waters
Author: Jofre i Torroella, Joan
Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco
Mooijman, K.
Pierzo, V.
Araujo Boira, Rosa Ma.
Bahar, M.
Demarquilly, C.
Havelar, A.
Keywords: Bacteriòfags
Microbiologia aquàtica
Water microbiology
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: Methods for the detection and enumeration of somatic coliphages, F-specific RNA bacteriophages and bacteriophages infecting Bacteroides fragilis had been standardised and validated. Conditions for the preparation, transport and distribution of bacteriophage reference materials and preservation of samples had been defined. A method based on flocculation with Mg(OH2) with concentration efficiencies from about 40% was settled to concentrate phages from bathing waters. All methods were successfully implemented in routine laboratories all around the EU. Data on the occurrence of bacteriophages as compared to E. coli and Enterococci are available from diverse situations encountered in the EU. Results allow to conclude that the potential of phages for the determination of the microbiological quality of bathing waters merits to be considered since their determination is feasible and their behaviour in natural water differs from the behaviour of bacterial indicators and consequently they add valuable information.
Note: Projecte: Project report. BCR Information. EU project KINA19506ENC_001. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Community Research. DG XII/C - Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme. Published by EU Directorate General ΧΠ - Science, Research and Development ISBN 92-828-9145-3
Informe final projecte europeu aigües de bany i bacteriòfags
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