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Title: Coronin 1B Controls Endothelial Actin Dynamics at Cell-Cell Junctions and Is Required for Endothelial Network Assembly
Author: Werner, Ann-Cathrin
Weckbach, Ludwig T.
Salvermoser, Melanie
Pitter, Bettina
Cao, Jiahui
Maier-Begandt, Daniela
Forne, Ignasi
Schnittler, Hans-Joachim
Walzog, Barbara
Montañez, Eloi
Keywords: Homeòstasi
Interacció cel·lular
Cell interaction
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2020
Publisher: Frontiers Media
Abstract: Development and homeostasis of blood vessels critically depend on the regulation of endothelial cell-cell junctions. VE-cadherin (VEcad)-based cell-cell junctions are connected to the actin cytoskeleton and regulated by actin-binding proteins. Coronin 1B (Coro1B) is an actin binding protein that controls actin networks at classical lamellipodia. The role of Coro1B in endothelial cells (ECs) is not fully understood and investigated in this study. Here, we demonstrate that Coro1B is a novel component and regulator of cell-cell junctions in ECs. Immunofluorescence studies show that Coro1B colocalizes with VEcad at cell-cell junctions in monolayers of ECs. Live-cell imaging reveals that Coro1B is recruited to, and operated at actin-driven membrane protrusions at cell-cell junctions. Coro1B is recruited to cell-cell junctions via a mechanism that requires the relaxation of the actomyosin cytoskeleton. By analyzing the Coro1B interactome, we identify integrin-linked kinase (ILK) as new Coro1B-associated protein. Coro1B colocalizes with α-parvin, an interactor of ILK, at the leading edge of lamellipodia protrusions. Functional experiments reveal that depletion of Coro1B causes defects in the actin cytoskeleton and cell-cell junctions. Finally, in matrigel tube network assays, depletion of Coro1B results in reduced network complexity, tube number and tube length. Together, our findings point toward a critical role for Coro1B in the dynamic remodeling of endothelial cell-cell junctions and the assembly of endothelial networks.
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It is part of: Frontiers In Cell And Developmental Biology, 2020, vol. 8
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ISSN: 2296-634X
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