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Title: P-Stereogenic ligands. Bibliographic and experimental studies
Other Titles: Lligands P-estereogènics. Estudi bibliogràfic i experimental
Author: Solé Àvila, Helena
Director/Tutor: Riera i Escalé, Antoni
Bellido Muñoz, Marina
Keywords: Quiralitat
Catàlisi asimètrica
Treballs de fi de grau
Enantioselective catalysis
Bachelor's theses
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Abstract: The synthesis of chiral compounds has long been a primary goal in the field of catalytic asymmetric synthesis. The breakthrough of chiral ligands, able to induce excellent enantioselectivities in many processes, is in line with the measures taken to minimize the environmental risks in organic synthesis. Among them, P*-stereogenic phosphine ligands are proficient in inducing chirality to produce optically active compounds in a straightforward and atom-economic pathway. On this matter, our group has synthesized building block 1. This P-stereogenic aminophosphane is prone to providing air-stable chiral ligands by means of a NH/PH tautomeric equilibrium. The MaxPHOS ligand and the Secondary Iminophosphorane family of ligands (SIPs) are great examples of its versatility. In this work, novel ligands for asymmetric catalysis have been developed starting from privileged intermediate 1. The inspection of the recent literature assisted on the election of the appropriate modulation while conceiving these ligands. Afterwards, the scope of application has been considered in the design of the respective catalysts. Thereby, their rhodium complexes have been prepared, whereas the incorporation of an inexpensive transition-metal, nickel, has been assessed
Note: Treballs Finals de Grau de Química, Facultat de Química, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2020, Tutors: Antoni Riera Escalé, Marina Bellido Muñoz
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