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Title: Structure, DFT Calculations, and Magnetic Characterization of Coordination Polymers of Bridged Dicyanamido-Metal(II) Complexes
Author: Mautner, Franz A.
Jantscher, Patricia
Fischer, Roland C.
Torvisco, Ana
Vicente Castillo, Ramón
Karsili, Tolga N. V.
Massoud, Salah S.
Keywords: Cobalt
Estructura cristal·lina (Sòlids)
Layer structure (Solids)
Issue Date: 2-Jul-2019
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Three coordination polymers of metal(II)-dicyanamido (dca) complexes with 4-methoxypyridine-N-oxide (4-MOP-NO); namely, catena-[Co(µ1,5-dca)2(4-MOP-NO)2] (1), catena-[Mn(µ1,5-dca)2(4-MOP-NO)2] (2), catena-[Cd(µ1,5-dca)2(4-MOP-NO)2] (3), and the mononuclear [Cu(κ1dca)2(4-MOP-NO)2] (4), were synthesized in this research. The complexes were analyzed by single crystal X-ray diffraction as well as spectroscopic methods (UV/vis, IR). The polymeric 1-D chains in complexes 1-3 were achieved by the doubly µ1,5-bridging dca ligands and the O-donor atoms of two axial 4-MOP-NO molecules in trans configuration around the distorted M(II) octahedral. On the other hand, the two "trans-axial" pyridine-N-oxide molecules in complexes 2 and 3 display opposite orientation (s-trans). The DFT (density functional theory) computational studies on the complexes 1-3 were consistent with the experimentally observed crystal structures. Compounds 1 and 2 display weak antiferromagnetic coupling between metal ions (J = −10.8 for 1 and −0.35 for 2).
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It is part of: Magnetochemistry, 2019, vol. 5, num. 3, p. 41
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ISSN: 2312-7481
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