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Title: Photoelectro-Fenton treatment of pesticide triclopyr at neutral pH using Fe(III)-EDDS under UVA light or sunlight
Author: Da Costa Soares, Izabelle C.
Oriol, Roger
Ye, Zhihong
Martínez-Huitle, Carlos Alberto
Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís
Brillas, Enric
Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
Keywords: Plaguicides
Oxidació electroquímica
Radiació solar
Electrolytic oxidation
Solar radiation
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2020
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Abstract: One of the main challenges of electrochemical Fenton-based processes is the treatment of organic pollutants at near-neutral pH. As a potential approach to this problem, this work addresses the use of a low content of soluble chelated metal catalyst, formed between Fe(III) and ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic (EDDS) acid (1:1), to degrade the herbicide triclopyr in 0.050 M Na2SO4 solutions at pH 7.0 by photoelectro-Fenton with UVA light or sunlight (PEF and SPEF, respectively). Comparison with electro-Fenton treatments revealed the crucial role of the photo-Fenton-like reaction, since this promoted the production of soluble Fe(II) that enhanced the pesticide removal. Hydroxyl radicals formed at the anode surface and in the bulk were the main oxidants. A boron-doped diamond (BDD) anode yielded a greater mineralization than an IrO2-based one, at the expense of reduced costeffectiveness. The effect of catalyst concentration and current density on the performance of PEF with BDD was examined. The PEF trials in 0.25 mMNa2SO4 + 0.35mMNaCl medium showed a large influence of generated active chlorine as oxidant, being IrO2 more suitable than RuO2 and BDD. In SPEF with BDD, the higher light intensity from solar photons accelerated the removal of the catalyst and triclopyr, with small effect on mineralization. A plausible route for the herbicide degradation by Fe(III)-EDDS-catalyzed PEF and SPEF is finally proposed based on detected byproducts: three heteroaromatic and four linear Naliphatic compounds, formamide, and tartronic and oxamic acids.
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It is part of: Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2020, vol. 28, p. 23833-23848
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ISSN: 0944-1344
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