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Title: El Modelo Barcelona de espacio público y diseño urbano: Public Space and Flood Management / Dipòsits d'aigües pluvials
Author: Matos Silva Cabral, Maria
Keywords: Espais públics
Dipòsits d'aigua
Treballs de fi de màster
Public spaces
City planning
Master's theses
Model Barcelona
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2011
Abstract: This paper addresses the different relations between "public space" and "flood management infrastructures" existing in the city of Barcelona. It aims to promote the importance and necessity of an integrated approach that links infrastructures and public space design through the knowhow of concrete examples. Firstly a parallel research will take place, on the history and design process of "Modelo Barcelona" and this citys adaptation to its particular climate trends. Secondly, the relations between Barcelona "dipòsits d'aigües pluvials" and their surrounding public space will be analyzed, seeking to know whether these two urban elements work together or separately and if they can be considered examples susceptible of exportation to other similar cities like, for example, Lisbon. The development of this paper aspires to enhance higher confidence on the fact that all planning stages should be interconnected in a transversal and integrated approach that allows the advantaged use of all possible opportunities in the design process. Concerning the particular case studied, adding public space design to rain-water drainage infrastructures is considered to be not only feasible but a win-win situation.
Note: Màster Oficial en Disseny Urbà: Art, Ciutat, Societat
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