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Title: Aplicación del Análisis de Ciclo de Vida (LCA) para el estudio de las huellas de carbono e hídrica del parque eólico de 16.5 MWe, de Villonaco, Loja-Ecuador
Author: Tama Franco, Gil Alberto
Director/Tutor: Villarrubia López, Miguel
Keywords: Parcs eòlics
Impacte ambiental
Treballs de fi de màster
Wind power plants
Environmental impact
Master's theses
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Wind technology is considered to be among the most promising types of renewable energy sources, and due to high oil prices, growing concerns about climate change and energy security, it has been the subject of extensive considerations in recent years,including questions related to the relative sustainability of electricity production when the manufacturing, assembly, transportation and dismantling processes of these facilities are taken into account. The present study evaluates the environmental impacts, carbon emissions and water consumption, derived from the production of electric energy of the Villonaco wind farm, located in Loja-Ecuador, during its entire life cycle, using the Life Cycle Analysis for this purpose. Finally, it is concluded that wind energy has greater environmental advantages, since it has lower values of carbon and water footprints than other energy sources. Additionally, with the techniques CumulativeEnergy Demand and Energy Return on Investment, sustainability in the production of electricity from wind power in Ecuador is demonstrated; and, that due to issues of vulnerability to climate change, the diversification of its energy matrix is essential considering the inclusion of non-conventional renewable sources such as solar or wind, this being the only way to reduce both the carbon footprint and the water supply power.
Note: Treballs Finals del Màster d’Energies Renovables i Sostenibilitat Energètica, del "Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona (UNIBA)" Adscrit a la Universitat de Barcelona, Curs: 2018-2019, Tutor: Miguel VIllarrubia López
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