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Title: Recombinant bovine growth hormone-induced metabolic remodelling enhances growth of gilthead sea-bream (Sparus aurata): insights from stable isotopes composition and proteomics.
Author: Blasco Mínguez, Josefina
Vélez, Emilio J.
Perelló-Amorós, Miquel
Azizi, Sheida
Capilla Campos, Encarnación
Fernández Borrás, J. (Jaume)
Gutiérrez Fruitós, Joaquín
Keywords: Metabolisme
Citocrom c
Cytochrome c
Sparus aurata
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2021
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors (GH/IGF axis) regulate somatic growth in mammals and fish, although their action on metabolism is not fully understood in the latter. An intraperitoneal injection of extended-release recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH, Posilac®) was used in gilthead sea bream fingerlings and juveniles to analyse the metabolic response of liver and red and white muscles by enzymatic, isotopic and proteomic analyses. GH-induced lipolysis and glycogenolysis were reflected in liver composition, and metabolic and redox enzymes reported higher lipid use and lower protein oxidation. In white and red muscle reserves, rBGH increased glycogen while reducing lipid. The isotopic analysis of muscles showed a decrease in the recycling of proteins and a greater recycling of lipids and glycogen in the rBGH groups, which favoured a protein sparing effect. The protein synthesis capacity (RNA/protein) of white muscle increased, while cytochrome-c-oxidase (COX) protein expression decreased in rBGH group. Proteomic analysis of white muscle revealed only downregulation of 8 proteins, related to carbohydrate metabolic processes. The global results corroborated that GH acted by saving dietary proteins for muscle growth mainly by promoting the use of lipids as energy in the muscles of the gilthead sea bream. There was a fuel switch from carbohydrates to lipids with compensatory changes in antioxidant pathways that overall resulted in enhanced somatic growth.
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It is part of: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021, vol. 22, num. 23, p. 1-19
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ISSN: 1661-6596
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