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Title: Think and Act: Reflective Tool for professionals working with families (TART)
Author: Fuentes-Peláez, Núria
Parra Ramajo, Belén
Mateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa
Pérez-Hernando, Sara
Lapadula, Carmelita
Balsells, M. Àngels
Vaquero Tió, Eduard
Cortada, Neus
Urrea Monclús, Aída
Gasion, Júlia
Gómez Carreño, Núria
Hernández Rocamora, Héctor Telémaco
Batifoulie, Sandrine
Contraires, Bernard
Expert, Christiane
James, Léonie
Larrouy, Marie-Annick
Malibert, Charlotte
Martínez, Vivienne
Sedes, Pauline
Fitte-Duval, Annie
Rabiller, Stéphanie
Ius, Marco
Petrella, Andrea
Serbati, Sara
Alga, Maria Livia
Cima, Rosanna
Lovati, Rosa
Migliavacca, Elena
Cojocaru, Daniela
Rus, Cristian
Cojocaru, Stefan
Fedor, Cătălin-George
Costache, Luminita
Bunea, Ovidiu
Keywords: Família
Treball social
Social work
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: This tool, Think and Act: Reflective Tool for Professionals working with Families (TART) (hereinafter TART) has been created within the framework of the Erasmus + Grow in Family Today project (hereinafter GIFT) (2018-FR01-KA202-0488115) with the participation of 4 European countries (France, Spain, Italy and Romania) represented by 4 entities and/or professional services that attend families in vulnerable situations (Caminante-FR, Consell Comarcal del Vallès Occidental-ESP, Casa di Ramia-IT and Holtis-RO) and the universities of 4 European countries (Pau et Pays de l’Adour University-UPPA-FR; Barcelona University and Lleida University-ESP; Padova University and Verona University-IT; Iasi University-RO). Within the framework of the GIFT project, two previous intellectual outputs have been created that are antecedents to and complement this current output. The first of them "Growing in family today: the challenge of diversity" addresses the issue of the family and the exercise of parenthood in the family today from the perspective of diversity, and identifies the main challenges in terms of intervention, defined by the components of the aforementioned partnership. The second output, entitled “Representations of growing in family today” focuses on the view held by families, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, as well as professionals, of what it means to grow in a family today. Both intellectual outputs are antecedents of this third intellectual output and contribute valuable elements to nurture the reflective processes that are proposed here...
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