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Title: Deep electrical resistivity of the northern gibraltar arc (western mediterranean): evidence of lithospheric slab break-off
Author: Rosell Novel, Oriol
Martí i Castells, Anna
Marcuello Pascual, Alejandro
Ledo Fernández, Juanjo
Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar
Roca i Abella, Eduard
Campanyà, Joan
Keywords: Geologia estructural
Prospecció magnetotel·lúrica
Prospecció geofísica
Structural geology
Magnetotelluric prospecting
Geophysical exploration
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Abstract: Uncertainties about the lithospheric structure of the Gibraltar Arc have led to the proposal of several contradictory models to explain its geodynamic setting. Herein, we present a novel 3-D model of the lithospheric electrical resistivity distribution beneath the whole Betic Cordillera obtained by inverting both broad-band and long-period magnetotelluric data. The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary under SW Iberia is shown to be deeper than under the Alboran Basin. In addition, the sensitivity tests confirm the presence of a N-S oriented low-resistivity anomaly at lithospheric mantle depths east of the 4°W meridian. It coincides with an area of low velocities without earthquake hypocenters and is interpreted as asthenospheric material intruded by the lateral lithospheric tearing and breaking-off of the E-directed subducting Ligurian slab under the Alboran Domain. This scenario suggests that the opening of the Alboran Basin is related to the westward rollback of this E-directed subducting slab.
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It is part of: Terra Nova, 2011, vol. 23, num. 3, p. 179-186
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ISSN: 0954-4879
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