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Title: Noise induced phenomena in ecological models
Author: Colet Díaz, Clara
Director/Tutor: Miguel López, María del Carmen
Keywords: Model de Lotka-Volterra
Dinàmica de poblacions
Treballs de fi de màster
Lotka-Volterra model
Population dynamics
Master's theses
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Abstract: Understanding population dynamics, and in particular, population cycles is one of the central issues in ecology. In this work we study noise induced phenomena in generalized Lotka-Volterra ecological models and we show how a stochastic model for population dynamics can give rise to periodic cyclic behaviour in the presence of intrinsic noise. We will show how the intrinsic noise in a prey-predator dynamics including intra-specific, or logistic auto-regulatory, interactions gives rise to a resonant frequency in the power spectrum characterizing the system evolution, but at the same time, we show that there are other types of interactions among species where a resonant frequency does not appear. Furthermore, we analyze the effects of random transport between different ecological patches or metapopulations and see that cyclic behaviours can appear, if a prey-predator dynamics is imposed, or disappear
Note: Treballs Finals de Màster en Física dels Sistemes Complexos i Biofísica, Facultat de Física, Universitat de Barcelona. Curs: 2021-2022. Tutora: M. del Carmen Miguel López
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