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Title: High-impedance superconducting resonator for the dispersive readout of a nanomechanical qubit
Author: Andrés Juanes, Alejandro
Director/Tutor: Møller, Christoffer
Bachtold, Adrian
Keywords: Qbit
Electrodinàmica quàntica
Treballs de fi de màster
Quantum electrodynamics
Master's theses
Issue Date: Aug-2022
Abstract: Mechanical resonators are good candidates for processing quantum information. In particular, the development of a nanomechanical qubit with a larger coherence time than other solid-state qubit architectures can pave the way towards the creation of novel quantum devices. To access the qubit state, we design and characterize a high-impedance superconducting resonator in a separate chip with a resonant frequency of 2-9 GHz and internal quality factors of Qi ≥ 103 , including the losses added by the use of wirebonds. This type of resonator can be used to couple to other hybrid systems that are not compatible with conventional fabrication of superconducting circuits.
Note: Màster Oficial de Ciència i Tecnologia Quàntiques / Quantum Science and Technology, Facultat de Física, Universitat de Barcelona. Curs: 2021-2022. Tutors: Christoffer Møller, Adrian Bachtold
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