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Title: Happiness and satisfaction of foreign experts working in China and their influencing factors
Author: Gu, Linzhi
Director/Tutor: Rodríguez, Josep A. (Josep Antoni)
Keywords: Felicitat
Satisfacció en el treball
Treballadors estrangers
Treball qualificat
Job satisfaction
Foreign workers
Skilled labor
Issue Date: 13-Jan-2023
Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract: [eng] In this PhD thesis, I have analyzed the happiness, life satisfaction and work satisfaction of foreign scientists working in China, as well as which factors influence them. The main goal of my PhD thesis is to understand the degree and influencing factors of happiness and satisfaction of this collective of people, so that China can re-adjust policies to maximize it. I have found that around 19 statistically significant variables influence the three dependent variables (happiness, work satisfaction, and life satisfaction) in bivariate correlation. In order to deep into the multivariate statistical analysis, I have selected 11 variables by six groups into the model. The social demographic factors (gender, age, religion belief, education level, among others) don’t show statistically significant influence on any of the three dependent variables after controlling variables. However, the multi-statistic research demonstrates significant influence of variables from family background, economic division, life division, work division and social support division. Finally, I statistically found that the production of foreign talents working in China is not as significant as that of local Chinese scientists, which creates a dilemma for foreign talents working in China, as the working progress produce both satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
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