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dc.contributor.advisorCaballero Hernández, Ana Belén-
dc.contributor.advisorPadilla Sánchez, José Antonio-
dc.contributor.authorGarcía-Nieto Arroyo, Juan-
dc.descriptionTreballs Finals de Grau de Química, Facultat de Química, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2022, Tutors: Ana Belén Caballero, Jose Antonio Padilla Sanchezca
dc.description.abstractIn the present study, communication has been mixed with science to obtain science dissemination, as if it was a chemical reaction. These concepts must be well defined. Therefore, the “reagents” are firstly introduced. Subsequently, both the science’s field that has been popularised -Nanotechnology- and the ways of spreading information are presented. Nowadays, science faces the problem of nearly neglect. This can be caused by two aspects: the message itself or the other elements of the communication. Since what is being communicated is really important and affects everyone (science is in everyone’s life), the initial hypothesis has to do with how it is spread. After analysing the different options, making a video was the best choice so as to disseminate Nanotechnology. Introduction and History, Applications and Moral Debate are the three tittles of the videos whose objectives are to cover up all aspects. The importance and the scope that Nanotechnology can provide is reflected. Afterwards, the effect of the videos has been analysed in a High School class. They were played in a speech mixed with questions and interactive activities. The final form evinces that they not only have found the activity interesting, but also it has made them widen their perspective about science. As a consequence of their responses, it can be concluded that a video is an excellent tool to disseminate science. Moreover, when it is blended with a participatory class higher results of interest about it are obtained and it attracts attention from new generations to science-
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dc.relation.isbasedonTreballs Finals de Grau (TFG) - Química-
dc.rightscc-by-nc-nd (c) García-Nieto Arroyo, Juan, 2022-
dc.subject.classificationDivulgació científicacat
dc.subject.classificationVídeo en l'ensenyamentcat
dc.subject.classificationTreballs de fi de graucat
dc.subject.otherScience newseng
dc.subject.otherVideo tapes in educationeng
dc.subject.otherBachelor's theseseng
dc.titleNanotechnology and Comunication: From Nano to the World-
dc.title.alternativeNanotecnología y comunicación: de nano al mundo-
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