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Title: Swarms of Enzyme-Powered Nanomotors Enhance the Diffusion of Macromolecules in Viscous Media
Author: Ruiz González, Noelia
Esporrín Ubieto, David
Lopes Hortelão, Ana Candida
Fraire, Juan
Bakenecker, Anna
Guri Canals, Marta
Cugat, Ramon
Carrillo, Jose Maria
Garcia-Batlletbo, Montserrat
Laiz, Patricia
Patiño Padial, Tania
Sánchez Ordóñez, Samuel
Keywords: Astronomia / física
Chemistry (all)
Chemistry (miscellaneous)
Chemistry, multidisciplinary
Chemistry, physical
Ciências biológicas i
Engenharias ii
Engineering (miscellaneous)
General chemistry
General materials science
Materials science (all)
Materials science (miscellaneous)
Materials science, multidisciplinary
Medicine (miscellaneous)
Nanoscience & nanotechnology
Nanoscience and nanotechnology
Physics, applied
Physics, condensed matter
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2024
Abstract: Over the past decades, the development of nanoparticles (NPs) to increase the efficiency of clinical treatments has been subject of intense research. Yet, most NPs have been reported to possess low efficacy as their actuation is hindered by biological barriers. For instance, synovial fluid (SF) present in the joints is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid (HA). These viscous media pose a challenge for many applications in nanomedicine, as passive NPs tend to become trapped in complex networks, which reduces their ability to reach the target location. This problem can be addressed by using active NPs (nanomotors, NMs) that are self-propelled by enzymatic reactions, although the development of enzyme-powered NMs, capable of navigating these viscous environments, remains a considerable challenge. Here, the synergistic effects of two NMs troops, namely hyaluronidase NMs (HyaNMs, Troop 1) and urease NMs (UrNMs, Troop 2) are demonstrated. Troop 1 interacts with the SF by reducing its viscosity, thus allowing Troop 2 to swim more easily through the SF. Through their collective motion, Troop 2 increases the diffusion of macromolecules. These results pave the way for more widespread use of enzyme-powered NMs, e.g., for treating joint injuries and improving therapeutic effectiveness compared with traditional methods. The conceptual idea of the novel approach using hyaluronidase NMs (HyaNMs) to interact with and reduce the viscosity of the synovial fluid (SF) and urease NMs (UrNMs) for a more efficient transport of therapeutic agents in joints.image
It is part of: Small, 2024, 20, 11, 2309387
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ISSN: Ruiz-González, N; Esporrín-Ubieto, D; Hortelao, AC; Fraire, JC; Bakenecker, AC; Guri-Canals, M; Cugat, R; Carrillo, JM; Garcia-Batlletbó, M; Laiz, P; (2024). Swarms of Enzyme-Powered Nanomotors Enhance the Diffusion of Macromolecules in Viscous Media. Small, 20(11), 2309387-. DOI: 10.1002/smll.202309387
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