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dc.contributor.authorParedes i Poy, Josep Maria-
dc.contributor.authorMarziani, P.-
dc.contributor.authorMartí Ribas, Josep-
dc.contributor.authorFabregat, Jaime-
dc.contributor.authorCoe, M. J.-
dc.contributor.authorEverall, C.-
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dc.contributor.authorJordi i Nebot, Carme-
dc.contributor.authorNorton, A. J.-
dc.contributor.authorPrince, T.-
dc.contributor.authorReglero, V.-
dc.contributor.authorRoche, P.-
dc.contributor.authorTorra Roca, Jorge-
dc.contributor.authorUnger, S. J.-
dc.contributor.authorZamanov, R. K.-
dc.description.abstractWe present new optical and infrared photometric observations and high resolution H α spectra of the periodic radio star LSI+61◦303. The optical photometric data set covers the time interval 1985-1993 and amounts to about a hundred nights. A period of ∼26 days is found in the V band. The infrared data also present evidence for a similar periodicity, but with higher amplitude of variation ((0.m 2). The spectroscopic observations include 16 intermediate and high dispersion spectra of LSI+61◦303 collected between January 1989 and February 1993. The H α emission line profile and its variations are analyzed. Several emission line parameters -- among them the H α EW and the width of the H α red hump -- change strongly at or close to radio maximum, and may exhibit periodic variability. We also observe a significant change in the peak separation. The H α profile of LSI+61◦303 does not seem peculiar for a Be star. However, several of the observed variations of the H α profile can probably be associated with the presence of the compact, secondary star.-
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dc.publisherSpringer Verlag-
dc.relation.isformatofVersió postprint del document publicat en paper-
dc.relation.ispartofAstronomy and Astrophysics, 1994, vol. 288, p. 519-528-
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dc.subject.classificationEstels binaris de raigs X-
dc.subject.classificationAstronomia de raigs X-
dc.subject.otherX-ray binaries-
dc.subject.otherX-ray astronomy-
dc.titlePhotometric and Halpha observations of LSI+61·303: detection of a 26 day V and JHK band modulation-
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