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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Unbiased estimation of autoregressive models for bounded sthochastic processesCarrión i Silvestre, Josep Lluís; Gadea Rivas, María Dolores; Montanés, Antonio
2017The extent of rent sharing along the wage distributionMatano, Alessia; Naticchioni, Paolo
2017Internet and enterprise productivity: evidence from Latin AmericaJung, Juan; López-Bazo, Enrique; Grazzi, Matteo
2017Let the data do the talking: Empirical modelling of survey-based expectations by means of genetic programmingClavería González, Óscar; Monte Moreno, Enric; Torra Porras, Salvador
2017Analyzing Wage Differentials by Fields of Study: Evidence from TurkeyDi Paolo, Antonio; Tansel, Aysit
2017What really matters is the economic performance: Positioning tourist destinations by means of perceptual mapsClavería González, Óscar
2017Computing functional urban areas using a hierarchical travel time approach: An applied case in EcuadorObaco Álvarez, Moisés Lenyn; Royuela Mora, Vicente; Vítores, Xavier
2017Regional tourism demand forecasting with machine learning models : Gaussian process regression vs. neural network models in a multiple-input multiple-output settingClavería González, Óscar; Monte Moreno, Enric; Torra Porras, Salvador
2017What drives migration moves across urban areas in Spain? Evidence from the Great Recession [WP]Melguizo Cháfer, Celia; Royuela Mora, Vicente
2017On the regional impact of broadband on productivity: the case of Brazil [WP]Jung, Juan; López-Bazo, Enrique