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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020Enhancing sentient embodied conversational agents with machine learningTellols Asensi, Dolça; López Sánchez, Maite; Rodríguez Santiago, Inmaculada; Almajano, Pablo; Puig Puig, Anna
Nov-2021Waste management using an automatic sorting system for carrot fruit based on image processing technique and improved deep neural networksJahanbakhshi, Ahmad; Momeny, Mohammad; Mahmoudi, Majid; Radeva, Petia
12-Apr-2021Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Using Deep LearningThomas, Gabriel; Balocco, Simone; Mann, Danny; Simundsson, Avery; Khorasani, Nioosha
Jul-2022Time-based self-supervised learning for Wireless Capsule EndoscopyPascual i Guinovart, Guillem; Laiz Treceño, Pablo; García, Albert; Wenzek, Hagen; Vitrià i Marca, Jordi; Seguí Mesquida, Santi
5-May-2021Associations of meat and fish consumption with conventional and radiomics cardiovascular magnetic resonance phenotypes in the UK BiobankRaisi-Estabragh, Zahra; McCracken, Celeste; Gkontra, Polyxeni; Jaggi, Akshay; Ardissino, Maddalena; Cooper, Jackie; Biasiolli, Luca; Aung, Nay; Piechnik, Stefan K.; Neubauer, Stefan; Munroe, Patricia B.; Lekadir, Karim, 1977-; Harvey, Nicholas C.; Petersen, Steffen E.
28-Dec-2022A fully automatic method for vascular tortuosity feature extraction in the supra-aortic region: unraveling possibilities in stroke treatment planningCanals, Pere; Balocco, Simone; Díaz, Oliver; Li, Jiahui; García-Tornel, Álvaro; Tomasello, Alejandro; Olivé-Gadea, Marta; Ribó, Marc M.D.
6-Apr-2020Reputation-Based Maintenance in Case-Based ReasoningNakhjiri, Nariman; Salamó Llorente, Maria; Sànchez i Marrè, Miquel, 1964-
23-Aug-2022Effective Early Stopping of Point Cloud Neural NetworksZoumpekas, Thanasis; Salamó Llorente, Maria; Puig Puig, Anna
3-Mar-2022Federated learning for multi-center imaging diagnostics: a simulation study in cardiovascular diseaseLinardos, Akis; Kushibar, Kaisar; Walsh, Sean; Gkontra, Polyxeni; Lekadir, Karim, 1977-
Aug-2021Integrating Collaboration and Leadership in Conversational Group Recommender SystemsContreras, David; Salamó Llorente, Maria; Boratto, Ludovico