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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-2017Data-driven System to Predict Academic Grades and DropoutRovira Cisterna, Sergi; Puertas i Prats, Eloi; Igual Muñoz, Laura
1-Jun-2015A 3D Visual Interface for Critiquing-based Recommenders: Architecture and InteractionContreras Aguilar, David; Salamó Llorente, Maria; Rodríguez Santiago, Inmaculada; Puig Puig, Anna
1-Jan-2016Recurso docente para la atención de la diversidad en el aula mediante la predicción de notasSalamó Llorente, Maria; Rodríguez Santiago, Inmaculada; López Sánchez, Maite; Puig Puig, Anna; Balocco, Simone; Taulé Delor, Mariona
Jun-2018Towards social pattern characterization in egocentric photo-streamsAghaei, Maedeh; Dimiccoli, Mariella; Canton-Ferrer, Cristian; Radeva, Petia
21-May-2020Uncertainty-based Rejection Wrappers for Black-box ClassifiersMena, José; Pujol Vila, Oriol; Vitrià i Marca, Jordi
3-Nov-2020Risk mitigation in algorithmic accountability: The role of machine learning copiesUnceta, Irene; Nin, Jordi; Pujol Vila, Oriol
23-Nov-2020Uncertainty-Based Human-in-the-Loop Deep Learning for Land Cover SegmentationGarcía Rodríguez, Carlos; Vitrià i Marca, Jordi; Mora Sacristán, Oscar
3-Oct-2020Environmental adaptation and differential replication in machine learningUnceta, Irene; Nin, Jordi; Pujol Vila, Oriol
2-Jul-2020Building uncertainty models on top of black-box predictive APIsBrando Guillaumes, Axel; Torres, Damià; Rodriguez-Serrano, José A.; Vitrià i Marca, Jordi
14-Sep-2020Copying Machine Learning ClassifiersUnceta, Irene; Nin, Jordi; Pujol Vila, Oriol