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Title: An analysis of the currently available calibrations in Stromgren photometry by using open clusters
Author: Jordi i Nebot, Carme
Masana Fresno, Eduard
Figueras Siñol, Francesca
Torra Roca, Jorge
Keywords: Estels
Cúmuls de galàxies
Fotometria astronòmica
Stars: fundamental parameters
Open clusters and associations: general
Stars: distances
HR diagram
Stars: general
Techniques: photometric
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Abstract: In recent years, several authors have revised the calibrations used to compute physical parameters (tex2html_wrap_inline498, tex2html_wrap_inline500, log g, [Fe/H]) from intrinsic colours in the tex2html_wrap_inline504 photometric system. For reddened stars, these intrinsic colours can be computed through the standard relations among colour indices for each of the regions defined by Strömgren (1966) on the HR diagram. We present a discussion of the coherence of these calibrations for main-sequence stars. Stars from open clusters are used to carry out this analysis. Assuming that individual reddening values and distances should be similar for all the members of a given open cluster, systematic differences among the calibrations used in each of the photometric regions might arise when comparing mean reddening values and distances for the members of each region. To classify the stars into Strömgren's regions we extended the algorithm presented by Figueras et al. (1991) to a wider range of spectral types and luminosity classes. The observational ZAMS are compared with the theoretical ZAMS from stellar evolutionary models, in the range tex2html_wrap_inline506 K. The discrepancies are also discussed.
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It is part of: Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series, 1997, vol. 123, núm. 2, p. 83-92.
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ISSN: 0365-0138
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