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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Study of the magnetic properties of nanoparticles interacting with surface acousticCheca Nualart, Martí
Jun-2016Nanoparticles magnetization switching by Surface Acoustic WavesTena Vidal, Júlia
Jan-2020Measure of SAWs' propagation in magnetoelasticsGonzález Mata, Carla
30-Jul-2020On the promotion of catalytic reactions by surface acoustic wavesvon Boehn, Bernhard; Foerster, Michael; von Boehn, Moritz; Prat, Jordi; Macià Bros, Ferran; Casals, Blai; Waqas Khaliq, Muhammad; Hernández Mínguez, Alberto; Aballe, L.; Imbihl, Ronald
3-Apr-2020Generation and Imaging of Magnetoacoustic Waves over Millimeter DistancesCasals, Blai; Statuto, Nahuel; Foerster, Michael; Hernández Mínguez, Alberto; Cichelero, Rafael; Manshausen, Peter; Mandziak, Ania; Aballe, Lucía; Hernández Ferràs, Joan; Macià Bros, Ferran
22-Sep-2023Resonant and Off-Resonant Magnetoacoustic Waves in Epitaxial Fe3Si/GaAs Hybrid StructuresRovirola Metcalfe, Marc; Waqas Khaliq, Muhammad; Casals, Blai; Foerster, Michael; Niño, Miguel Angel; Aballe, Lucía; Herfort, Jens; Hernández Ferràs, Joan; Macià Bros, Ferran; Hernández Mínguez, Alberto
Jul-2021Magnetoelastic effect with Surface Acoustic Waves in NickelRovirola Metcalfe, Marc
Jan-2019Qu­antification of propagating and standing surface acoustic waves by stroboscopic X-ray photoemission electron microscopyFoerster, Michael; Statuto, Nahuel; Casals, Blai; Hernández Mínguez, Alberto; Finizio, Simone; Mandziak, Ania; Aballe, Lucía; Hernández Ferràs, Joan; Macià Bros, Ferran