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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Reliability of the Greulich & Pyle method for bone estimation in a Spanish sampleAlcina, Mireya; Lucea, A.; Salicrú, Miquel; Turbón, Daniel
26-Apr-2021La necròpolis de Sant Joan de Caselles (Canillo, Andorra). Estudi arqueològic i antropològicAran Martínez, Maria Rosa
2008Development of the femur - Implications for age and sex determination.Rissech, Carme; Schaefer, M.; Malgosa Morera, Assumpció
2012A comparison of three established age estimation methods on an adult Spanish sample.Rissech, Carme; Wilson, Jeremy; Winburn, A.; Turbón, Daniel; Steadman, D.
Nov-2013Possible case of treponematosis in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula during the Late Roman period. A morphological and radiological study.Rissech, Carme; Roberts, Charlotte A.; Tomás Batlle, Xavier; Tomás Gimeno, Xavier; Fuller, B.; Fernández Ruiz, Pedro Luis; Botella, Miguel C.
Apr-2013A test of Suchey-Brooks (pubic symphysis) and Buckberry-Chamberlain (auricular surface) methods on an identified Spanish sample: paleodemographic implicationsSan Millán Alonso, Marta; Rissech, Carme; Turbón, Daniel
10-Jan-2011Postnatal ontogenesis of the tibia. Implications for age and sex estimationLópez-Costas, O.; Rissech, Carme; Trancho Gayo, Gonzalo Javier; Turbón, Daniel
2008Conversant amb Ignasi Terradas i Saborit. Antropologia, universitat i societat: la necessitat d'una lectura crítica de l'actualitatRomero, Pablo (Romero Noguera); Doñate, Miguel
Jan-2013A Collation of Recently published Western European Formulae for Age Estimation of Subadult Skeletal Remains: Recommendations For Forensic Anthropology and OsteoarchaeologyRissech, Carme; Márquez-Grant, N.; Turbón, Daniel
Sep-2008Sacral fusion as an aid in age estimationRíos, Luis; Weisensee, Katy; Rissech, Carme