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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016European government bond market contagion in turbulent timesAbad, Pilar; Chuliá Soler, Helena
15-Jul-2014Models estocàstics del tipus d'interèsMarquès Llorens, Maite
Dec-2010EMU and European government bond market integrationAbad, Pilar; Chuliá Soler, Helena; Gómez-Puig, Marta
2013The use of flexible quantile-based measures in risk assessment [WP]Belles Sampera, Jaume; Guillén, Montserrat; Santolino, Miguel
2014European government bond market integration in turbulent times [WP]Abad, Pilar; Chuliá Soler, Helena
2013Sovereign bond market reactions to fiscal rules and no-bailout clauses – The Swiss experienceFeld, Lars P.; Kalb, Alexander; Moessinger, Marc-Daniel; Osterloh, Steffen
Nov-2014An update on EMU sovereign yield spreads drivers in times of crisis: A panel data analysisGómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón; Ramos Herrera, María del Carmen
Jul-2016A theoretical study of a short rate modelCalatayud Gregori, Julia
2013European Government Bond Markets and Monetary Policy Surprises: Returns, Volatility and IntegrationAbad, Pilar; Chuliá Soler, Helena
2013How systemic is Spain for Europe?Claeys, Peter; Vasicek, Borek