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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2021Expectancy to Eat Modulates Cognitive Control and Attention Toward Irrelevant Food and Non-food Images in Healthy Starving Individuals. A Behavioral StudySchiff, Sami; Testa, Giulia; Rusconi, Maria Luisa; Angeli, Paolo; Mapelli, Daniela
1-Nov-2013Effects of music learning and piano practice on cognitive function, mood and quality of life in older adultsSeinfeld, Sofia; Figueroa, Heidi; Ortiz Gil, Jordi; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
20-Dec-2019Studying brain development in infants by eye measurements: visual perception and visual attentionEsposito, Flavia Lorena
7-Jan-2020Habitual Nut Exposure, Assessed by Dietary and Multiple Urinary Metabolomic Markers, and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: The InCHIANTI Study.Rabassa Bonet, Montserrat; Zamora-Ros, Raul; Palau Rodríguez, Magalí; Tulipani, Sara; Miñarro Alonso, Antonio; Bandinelli, Stefania; Ferrucci, Luigi; Cherubini, Antonio; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
21-May-2019Jump and free fall! Memory, attention, and decision-making processes in an extreme sportCastellà, Judit; Boned, Jaume; Méndez Ulrich, Jorge Luis; Sanz Ruiz, Antoni
1-Nov-2018Neural Evidence of Hierarchical Cognitive Control during Haptic Processing: An fMRI StudyGurtubay-Antolin, Ane; León-Cabrera, Patricia; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
28-Jul-2015Osteogenesis and neurogenesis: a robust link also for language evolutionBoeckx, Cedric; Benítez Burraco, Antonio, 1972-
19-Jun-2015Efficiency of arithmetic procedures modulates the problem-size effect in subtractionNúñez Peña, María Isabel; Colomé, Àngels; Tubau Sala, Elisabet
22-Feb-2018Sesgos cognitivos y convicciones moralesRodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier; Barberia, Itxaso
26-Nov-2020Placing Cognitive Rigidity in Interpersonal Context in Psychosis: Relationship With Low Cognitive Reserve and High Self-CertaintyGarcía Mieres, Helena; Usall i Rodié, Judith; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Ochoa Güerre, Susana