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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2013Theta-duality on Prym varieties and a Torelli TheoremLahoz Vilalta, Martí; Naranjo del Val, Juan Carlos
1988A note on quadrics through an algebraic curveSerrano, Fernando
Aug-2015On the intersection of ACM curves in $\mathbb{P}$Hartshorne, Robin; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
3-Feb-2016On the hyperbolic uniformization of Shimura curves with an Atkin-Lehner quotient of genus 0Nualart Riera, Joan
2008Cohomological support loci for Abel-Prym curvesCasalaina Martin, Sebastian; Lahoz Vilalta, Martí; Viviani, Filippo
19-Jan-2018Interpolación Spline y aplicación a las curvas de nivelChica Jiménez, José Antonio
2011Finite subschemes of abelian varieties and the Schottky problemGulbrandsen, Martin G.; Lahoz Vilalta, Martí
13-Jun-2023Variants of the Square Peg ProblemBerlinches Planas, Oriol
20-Jun-2021Minimal surfacesde Miguel Blasco, Lluís
15-Jun-2019The Square peg problemRius Casado, Raquel