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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2020Strong cosmic censorship in the BTZ black holeEmparan García de Salazar, Roberto A.; Tomasevic, Marija
12-Jan-2022An accurate comprehensive approach to substructure: III. Masses and formation times of the host haloesSalvador Solé, Eduard; Manrique Oliva, Alberto; Canales, David; Botella Lasaga, Ignacio
3-Jul-2008Infrared modifications of gravityBlas Temiño, Diego
19-Nov-2015On the meaning of Painlevé-Gullstrand synchronizationJaén, Xavier; Molina, Alfred
6-Jul-2023Dark energy in quantum field theory: Implications on modern cosmologyMoreno Pulido, Cristian
29-Mar-2018Thermalized axion inflation: Natural and monomial inflation with small rFerreira, Ricardo Z.; Notari, Alessio
22-Jun-2020Phase transitions in a three-dimensional analogue of Klebanov-StrasslerElander, Daniel; Faedo, Antón F.; Mateos, David (Mateos Solé); Subils, Javier G.
31-Oct-2021Friedmann cosmology with decaying vacuum density in Brans-Dicke theorySingh, C.P.; Solà Peracaula, Joan
22-Jun-2020New Strategies for Black Hole PhysicsLuna, Raimon
26-Sep-1995Modeling the gravitational clustering in hierarchical scenarios of structure formationManrique Oliva, Alberto