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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2019Permian-Triassic red-stained albitized profiles in the granitic basement of the NE Spain: evidence for deep alteration related to the Triassic PalaeosurfaceFàbrega, C.; Parcerisa i Duocastella, David; Thiry, M.; Franke, C.; Gurenko, A.; Gómez-Gras, David; Solé, J.; Travé i Herrero, Anna
1-Nov-2022Pathways and efficiency of nitrogen attenuation in wastewater effluent through soil aquifer treatmentAbu, Alex; Carrey Labarta, Raúl; Valhondo, Cristina; Domènech Ortí, Cristina; Soler i Gil, Albert; Martínez-Landa, Lurdes; Silvia Diaz-Cruz; Carrera, Jesús; Otero Pérez, Neus
23-Jun-2022The role of siderite on abiotic nitrite reduction by dissolved Fe(II)Abu, Alex; Domènech Ortí, Cristina; Carrey Labarta, Raúl; Navarro Ciurana, Dídac; Margalef Marti, Rosanna; Otero Pérez, Neus
1-Oct-2020Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic features of the Zaro volcanic complex: insights on the magmatic processes triggering a small-scale prehistoric eruption at Ischia island (south Italy)Pellulo, C.; Cirillo, G.; Iovine, R.S.; Arienzo, I.; Aulinas Juncà, Meritxell; Pappalardo, L.; Petrosino, P.; Fernández Turiel, José Luis; D'Antonio, M.
21-Jul-2015Identificació dels processos biogeoquímics que es donen en la zona de la font per al disseny d’estratègies de remediació en aqüífers contaminats per cloroetens Herrero Ferran, Jofre
2005Isotopic characterization of Jurassic evaporites. Aconcagua-Neuquén Basin, Argentina.Lo Forte, G. L.; Ortí Cabo, Federico; Rosell, Laura (Rosell i Ortiz)
5-May-2014Natural and Induced Nitrate Attenuation Processes in Pétrola Basin (Albacete, Spain)Carrey Labarta, Raúl
5-Mar-2019C-13- and N-15-Isotope Analysis of Desphenylchloridazon by Liquid Chromatography-Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry and Derivatization Gas Chromatography-Isotope-Ratio Mass SpectrometryMelsbach, A.; Ponsin, V.; Torrentó Aguerri, Clara; Lihl, C.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Hunkeler, D.; Elsner, M.
9-May-2017Carbon and chlorine isotope fractionation patterns associated with different engineered chloroform transformation reactionsTorrentó Aguerri, Clara; Palau, Jordi; Rodríguez Fernández, Diana; Heckel, B.; Meyer, A.; Domènech Ortí, Cristina; Rosell, Mònica; Soler i Gil, Albert; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D.
15-Dec-2018Unravelling long-term source removal effects and chlorinated methanes natural attenuation processes by C and Cl stable isotopic patterns at a complex field siteRodríguez Fernández, Diana; Torrentó Aguerri, Clara; Palau, Jordi; Marchesi, Massimo; Soler i Gil, Albert; Hunkeler, D.; Domènech Ortí, Cristina; Rosell, Mònica