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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2019Palaeoentomological study of the lacustrine oil-shales of the Lower Miocene San Chils locality (Ribesalbes-Alcora Basin, Castellón Province, Spain)Álvarez-Parra, Sergio; Peñalver Mollá, Enrique
Nov-2020Code to estimate global lake and reservoir CO2 emissions by calcificationKhan, Hares
5-May-2015Microbial food web components, bulk metabolism, and single-cell physiology of piconeuston in surface microlayers of high-altitude lakesSarmento, Hugo; Casamayor, Emilio O.; Auguet, Jean Christophe; Vila Costa, Maria; Felip i Benach, Marisol; Camarero, Lluís; Gasol, Josep M.
1-Dec-2020Three-dimensional hydrostratigraphical modelling supporting the evaluation of fluoride enrichment in groundwater: Lakes basin (Central Ethiopia)Ghiglieri, Giorgio; Pistis, Marco; Abebe, Bekele; Azagegn, Tilahun; Engidasew, Tesfaye Asresahagne; Pittalis, Daniele; Soler i Gil, Albert; Barbieri, Manuela; Navarro Ciurana, Dídac; Carrey Labarta, Raúl; Puig Caminal, Roger; Carletti, Alberto; Balia, Roberto; Haile, Tigistu
5-Feb-2020Major effects of alkalinity on the relationship between metabolism and dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in lakesKhan, Hares; Laas, Alo; Marcé, Rafael; Obrador Sala, Biel
1992Distribución de las algas epifíticas en sistemas lacustres de Cataluña (N.E. de España)Cambra, Jaume
27-Aug-2021Hydrometeorological and climatic control over lake phytoplankton: the importance of time scalesJanatian, Nasime
30-Jul-2019Denitrification in mountain lakes = Desnitrificación en lagos de montañaPalacín Lizarbe, Carlos
16-Sep-2021Pelagic calcite precipitation in lakes: from a global to a local perspective on its drivers and implicationsKhan, Hares
Aug-2018Primer C-Hydrochange workshop sobre métodos y técnicas de medida de flujos de CO2 y CH4 en lagos y embalsesMoreno-Ostos, Enrique; Obrador Sala, Biel; Marcé Romero, Rafael