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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2020Validating a common tick survey method: cloth-dragging and line transectsKjellander, Pia L.; Aronsson, Malin; Bergvall, Ulrika A.; Carrasco Jordan, Josep Lluís; Christensson, Madeleine; Lindgren, Per Eric; Åkesson, Mikael; Kjellander, Peter
2012Population genetic structure and colonisation of the Western Antarctic Peninsula by the seabird tick Ixodes uriaeMcCoy, Karen D.; Beis, P.; Barbosa, Andrés; Cuervo, J. J.; Fraser, W. R.; González-Solís, Jacob; Jourdain, Elsa; Poisbleau, Maud; Quillfeldt, P.; Leger, E.; Dietrich, M.
12-Dec-2017Ticks parasitised feathered dinosaurs as revealed by Cretaceous amber assemblagesPenalver, Enrique; Arillo, Antonio; Delclòs Martínez, Xavier; Peris Cerdán, David; Grimaldi, David A.; Anderson, Scott R.; Nascimbene, Paul C.; Pérez de la Fuente, Ricardo