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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Plasmodium vivax spleen-dependent genes encode antigens associated with cytoadhesion and clinical protection.Fernández Becerra, Carmen; Bernabeu Aznar, Maria; Castellanos, Angélica; Correa, Bruna; Obadia, Thomas; Ramírez, Miriam; Rui, Edmilson; Hentzschel, Franziska; López Montañés, Maria; Ayllon Hermida, Alberto; Martín Jaular, Lorena; Elizalde Torrent, Aleix; Siba, Peter; Vêncio, Ricardo Z.; Arévalo Herrera, Myriam; Herrera, Sócrates; Alonso, Pedro; Mueller, Ivo; Portillo, Hernando A. del
6-Jul-2022Piperaquine Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Profiles in Healthy Volunteers of Papua New Guinea after Administration of Three-Monthly Doses of Dihydroartemisinin–PiperaquineMillat Martínez, Pere; Salman, Sam; Moore, Brioni R.; Baró Sastre, Bàrbara; Page-Sharp, Madhu; Batty, Kevin T.; Robinson, Leanne J.; Pomat, William; Karunajeewa, Harin; Laman, Moses; Manning, Laurens; Mitjà Villar, Oriol; Bassat Orellana, Quique
29-Oct-2018Spatial-temporal clustering analysis of yaws on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea to enhance planning and implementation of eradication programsMooring, Eric Q.; Mitjà Villar, Oriol; Murray, Megan B.
4-May-2016The Incidence and Differential Seasonal Patterns of Plasmodium vivax Primary Infections and Relapses in a Cohort of Children in Papua New GuineaRoss, Amanda; Koepfli, Cristian; Schoepflin, Sonja; Timinao, Lincoln; Siba, Peter; Smith, Thomas; Mueller, Ivo; Felger, Ingrid; Tanner, Marcel
27-Sep-2016Plasmodium vivax Reticulocyte Binding Proteins Are Key Targets of Naturally Acquired Immunity in Young Papua New Guinean ChildrenFrança, Camila T.; He, Wen-Qiang; Gruszczyk, Jakub; Lim, Nicholas T. Y.; Lin, Enmoore; Kiniboro, Benson; Siba, Peter; Tham, Wai-Hong; Mueller, Ivo
1-Sep-2017The complex relationship of exposure to new Plasmodium infections and incidence of clinical malaria in Papua New GuineaHofmann, Natalie E.; Karl, Stephan; Wampfler, Rahel; Kiniboro, Benson; Teliki, Albina; Iga, Jonah; Waltmann, Andreea; Betuela, Inoni; Felger, Ingrid; Robinson, Leanne J.; Mueller, Ivo
24-Oct-2017Risk factors and pregnancy outcomes associated with placental malaria in a prospective cohort of Papua New Guinean womenLufele, Elvin; Umbers, Alexandra J.; Ordi i Majà, Jaume; Ome-Kaius, Maria; Wangnapi, Regina A.; Unger, Holger Werner; Tarongka, Nandao; Siba, Peter; Mueller, Ivo; Robinson, Leanne J.; Rogerson, Stephen John
14-Jun-2016Changes in malaria burden and transmission in sentinel sites after the roll-out of long-lasting insecticidal nets in Papua New GuineaHetzel, Manuel W.; Reimer, Lisa J.; Gideon, Gibson; Koimbu, Gussy; Barnadas, Céline; Makita, Leo; Siba, Peter; Mueller, Ivo
19-Sep-2017Sustained malaria control over an eight-year period in Papua New Guinea: the challenge of low-density asymptomatic infectionsKoepfli, Cristian; Ome-Kaius, Maria; Jally, Shadrach; Malau, Elisheba; Maripal, Samuel; Ginny, Jason; Timinao, Lincoln; Kattenberg, Johanna Helena; Obadia, Thomas; White, Michael T.; Rarau, Patricia; Senn, Nicolas; Barry, Alyssa E.; Kazura, James W.; Mueller, Ivo; Robinson, Leanne J.
10-May-2017Haemophilus ducreyi DNA is detectable on the skin of asymptomatic children, flies and fomites in villages of Papua New GuineaHouinei, Wendy; Godornes, Charmie; Kapa, August; Knauf, Sascha; Mooring, Eric Q.; Gonzalez-Beiras, Camila; Watup, Ronald; Paru, Raymond; Advent, Paul; Bieb, Sivauk; Sanz, Sergi; Bassat Orellana, Quique; Spinola, Stanley M.; Lukehart, Sheila A.; Mitjà Villar, Oriol