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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Sep-2012A Database of >20 keV Electron Green's Functions of Interplanetary Transport at 1 AUÀgueda Costafreda, Neus; Vainio, Rami; Sanahuja i Parera, Blai
1995Adsorption of colloidal particles in the presence of external fieldsPagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Bafaluy Bafaluy, Javier; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1995Renormalization and the equivalence theorem: On-shell schemeEspriu, D. (Domènec); Matias, J.
1963Dielectric formulation for Many-Particle Systems with General InteractionsPascual, Pedro, 1934-2006; Falicov, Leopoldo Maximo
1984Finite-temperature QED effects in atomsPalanques-Mestre, August; Tarrach, R., 1948-
1974Particle in an electromagnetic field: The Lorentz-Dirac equationPascual, Pedro, 1934-2006; Mas, L.
1989BRST-invariant path integral for a spinning relativistic particleBatlle Arnau, Carles; Gomis Torné, Joaquim; Roca Batlle, Jaume
1988Lagrangian and Hamiltonian BRST structures of the antysimmetric tensor gauge theoryBatlle Arnau, Carles; Gomis Torné, Joaquim
1989Series solutions for the Klein-Gordon equation in Schwarzschild space-timeElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1988Exact solutions for the massive klein-gordon-schwarzschild equationElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-